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Northern Chill

This collection reflects my excitement for the Nordic nature. Especially all the different kinds of rock and stone, created by the forces of nature. The collection was conceived with the Norwegian national stone Larvikite in mind, which I find incredibly admirable.

Larvikite is a dark igneous rock, occuring especially around Larvik in Norway. It’s notable for the presence of it’s beautiful, thumbnail-sized crystals of feldspar. These feldspar are known as ternary because they contain significant components of all three endmember feldspars.

The collection is my interpretation of the rough, relentless, but magnificent Nordic nature, along with the delicate and intricate details the winter darkness, cold and frost can project.
Northern Chill are bracelets with a unique combination. Raw Lava Stone, with it’s irregular surface, the simple, but sophisticated Black Onyx Stone and the polished, vibrant Larvikite.

The combination creates a balance between these different natural elements, nuances and textures, and reflects the unpredictable force of nature, but at the same time gives a sense of a natural, strong and beautiful cohesion and calmness.