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Spring Fever

This collection is inspired by Spring Time.
It’s the time of Year, when the days get brighter and longer and the sun’s warmth can be felt in between windy moments.
The landscape becomes greener and flowers start to bloom.
Just as the landscape shows its more colorful side, I’m filled with enthusiasm too. This sense of life and optimism is what I’ve tried to capture in my designs.

The Forest Haze and Forest Bloom bracelets are inspired by the slightly darker colors of the forest. Where trees shade for the sun, but still let rays shine in between the trees, and open up for a fantastic light. The trees and their green leaves, and woodland blossom’s that starts to bloom in white, blue and purple shades.

The Morning Breeze and Morning Blush bracelets are an interpretation of the joyful and loving sensation the Spring brings. The more seductive atmosphere that the heat, the light and the gentle wind can bolster.

Cucumber Crush and Cotton Crush are, in design and color composition, close to Morning Breeze and Morning Blush. These too are inspired by the sensation of Spring.
The stones are in 8 mm, which make them more expressive. They are composed of both matte and shiny stones; Rose quartz in Cotton Crush is matte, and the green stones (prehnit) in the Cucumber Crush, gives freshness and bright colors that gives a bubbly feeling.